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line up in the dark of night
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to pay tribute to the man that many only admired from afar. it tonight, remembering it senator ted kennedy. and what's that this father of that sent him for tv photographers? -- and what set this father wrote off? attributes for senator edward kennedy started this morning and have continued into the night. these are live pictures and saw the john f. kennedy library. people are still streaming in to say goodbye to senator ted kennedy. caroline lyders has the latest. >> there are thousands of people lined up to pay their respects to the senator. with the late senator's body lying in repose, victoria when outside did think the people
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waiting in line. they have waited all day, from the streets of cape cod to boston, thousands of people with thousands of reasons to say goodbye. >> he actually wrote a 10-page letter, signed. >> it is something i feel. i want to be here. >> this to me represents collective mourning. >> the senator's body was taken from hyannis port this morning. at the kennedy family was there as the casket was lifted into the first. -- into the hearse. the bells rang at 47 times, one for each year at kennedy served as senator of massachusetts as the people of massachusetts paid their respects. >> he was massachusetts. without him, i don't know what
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we are going to do. >> he represented massachusetts and the world. >> the public viewing continues. countless others have reason to say goodbye. we know the private burial will feature a bugler playing taps, a rebel squad firg a salute, and paul behrens representing each branch of the military. before -- and pallbearers representing each branch of the military. caroline lyders, abc 7 news. people can still pay tribute to senate candidate mark as he lies and reposed another day. saturday, there will be a private burial, where president obama will deliver the eulogy. then senator kennedy will be laid to rest in arlington national cemetery. washington students are remembering senator kennedy for his many hours volunteering.
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nonprotrrehe w s where she was paired with a kennedy. t kennedy. evy tuesday fonn kye ed ears,s,eyednn would me sae says he was a kind and patient man and sent them books and cards. >> he sent me a letter in the middle of the year. he said he was not coming anymore because reading the third time with ted kennedy. a major player in the senate says he supports changing massachusetts law to a law a temporary placement of setor kennedy's seat. senator kennedy asked for the change. correct law calls for a special election, but not before five months. harry reid says he supports the
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change, as as massachusetts governor. we're watching some storms tonight with chief meteorologist doug hill. >> here in the belfort furniture weathe center, the doppler radar, heavy downpours and under and lightning showing up stru on aroruss the river into montgerss county and gaithersburg. they are drifting to the he no t.ithiee areas, we will keep an eye on that. the storm scan is tracking the rain to the south. a lot more earlier. at that time, it had diminished. we will get some of the showers and storms tomorrow. what about danny? not very impressive,he ntdey and circulation. theriur f hnecaorecasters say there is a wind one fopyrtunit where it could intensify over the warm tewar and it codte
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become a facr. a stl iloptol al str w watchoral the outer bank s. will have a lot more on its potential track coming up, along with the forecast. authorities in southwest virginia are investigating the murder of two virginia students and a national forest. both were 19 years of age and both from lynchburg. there were both shot. their bodies were found this morning. the police are still working to determine a motive and suspect. there's a dangerous, a g trend at the rhode landtrme oti station. since july, tre have been eight reportedtaat cks. tea se tfos mngt ngs erdastouop on the metro. one group of pple soon -- seem to be targeted the most. john gonzalez has more. >> the police believe that the crooks are using this metro tunnel to their advantage,
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hiding behind the walls and waiting for commuters to walk by. there have been 17 attacks this year, and the police believe more have been calling -- more have gone unreported. it is among the top 10 most dangerous stations in the region. a recent rash ofviolence is proving why. metro transit police says that the 17 assaults and robberies have been reported. >> i will be more careful. at 8 attacks have occurred since early july and the tories believe some attacks are going unreported because some victims are undocumented workers. the state labor said the feet -- that these first asked for $5. he is terrified of being recognized on tv. he says he was recently assaulted by a group of men. they robbed me, he says. one guy held me down while two others went through my pocket. they took my cell phone and wallet. he says a number of his friends have been attacked as well.
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the police are fighting back with a new technique. >> we have plainclothes officers out there observing the activity and posing as decoys, and oftentimes the route themselves. >> this dark, long fenced in what way is uninviting. >> it is a dark area. i try to stay away from it. >> the police made it to arrests last month using decoys. more suspects are on the loose. 10 of the attacks have been so- called snatch and grabs. the crooks are looking for electronics like i funds and i pots. -- liked i phones and ipods. this fire happened on sentinel drive in bethesda. a woman had to be evaluated for exhaustion.
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following developmentson afr a two decade old kidnapping case. this woman was 11 years old when she was kidnapped. 18 years later, a woman has come for clomid be the girl. the woman said a man held for the entire time as a slave, forcing her to live in isolation. her stepfather says he was shocked by the news. >> the said we found j.c. then she said, she is alive. we both cried for about 10 minutes. >> the woman claims that the convicted sex offender fathered two childrei wth her. son offiaic ls say the man admitted the kidnapping after meeting with his parole officers the man and his wife have been arrested. there are tests that the woman is undergoing to determine if she was the missing girl. the embassy official said air traffic controller could prevent the merit -- the mayor
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collision -- could have prevented the mid-air collision over the hudson river last month. they did not follow safety procedures. at the time of the crash, the controller was on the phone. the accident killed nine. michael vick appeared before a live football audience tonight, but not before appearing before a bankruptcy judge in virginia who approved his plan to pay back the $20 million he is in debt. the judge ordered victim a financial planner. coming up in sports, see how he did in his debut with the eagles and how the fans greeted him. up, up,rlai neine has a lot of explaining to do after an employee is accused of stealing. plus, what happened inside a quorum the practice this father to lash out. >> a crisis for the extreme makeover crew. i will tell you abwill tell yo çovu?x?z?z?zrrñziçñx
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this was a wild twist at a sentencing hearing for a woman and and abduction and a national story. the father attacked camera crews outside of the courtroom. the cameraman. the man into a headlock until authorities came. all of this happened after he called 911 back in may after climbing at his daughter was targeted. >> the fears show what kind of factors this woman was. >> prosecutors say the man and woman were in disney world and she used a stolen driver's license. federer of the ways are investigating allegations she stole from family members and an employer. not even ben bernanke is immune to identity theft, someone stole his wife's purse last august at a capitol hill starbucks. according to door. court documents, the thieves
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used his wife's information. there were part of an elaborate identity theft scheme. the schemers stole more than $2 million from conmers. a united airlines employee is accused of stealing thousands of dollars of merchandise out of passengers' luggage. the police say she has been stealing laptops, cameras, jewelry, ipods, and other items. she works and yet it costs lost and found. the police -- the police searched her home and found thousands of stolen items. there republican gubernatorial candidate is defending a comment that he made. he started talking about a hot and tags that had to be purchased. the person asked about a bomb attacks, and he said, "we would buy some of those." if you drive interstate 95,
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getg ready for night delays. in the end inctthe rustion will inc fullyru help traf fairfax and prince william county. meantime, drivers can expect multiple lane closures. for a list of the closures and times, go to the construction and scheduled to be finished by the fall of 2011. it time is running out for the extreme makeover crew, facing a looming deadline. stephen tschida is live from the site of the latest project in northeast with the extreme concern tonight. >> so much work, not enough workers. the crew inside the building here is toiling away. they say if they do not get extra help soon, it will not make the deadline. it is hot, hard, and grueling work. the throngs of volunteers are tooling around the clock.
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they have one week to build a massive new community center in northeast d.c. >> it is our biggest project ever. >> the hit show extreme makeover home edition said its sights on d.c., building a new home as it usually does for a needy family in the suburbs, but they are also taking on another project, a brand new school. >> i think we can do it. >> the school is a learning and recreation center that has served thousands of kids. extreme makeover's deadlines dictate the finish sunday. designers say without 50 more volunteers, they will not make it. >> ciders and dry wall. they cannot be fast enough. if she could come out right now, right now is the time. >> they are so short staffed, the electricians hauled dry wall. virginia is a volunteer.
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she says it is tough, but she urges others to check bin. >> -- she urges others to pitch in. >> it will really help people. >> the crew much -- missed a deadline once before because of the weather and not a lack of volunteers. if your interested in helping, go to, keyword "makeover." stephen tschida, abc 7 news. go with me on this. this evening, said it would be heavy thunderstorms moving in. sure enough, they are there, wink, wi.nkin i thought we woue w sole isouatd e owers, buno.t isth the downpours are growing by the number. it is really not a spris with a stationary front overhead, the dynamic atmosphere. they are all over the place.
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they're dfting slowly to the east. the trend, most of it should stay north and west of the city tonight. more opportunities the next few days. on the storm scan, very intense showers earlier. they will intensify tomorrow. it more showers and storms through chicago land. that will come over the weekend. opportunities for showers and storms the next few days. danny, danny, danny. i am not impressed. it is weak and reorganize. top winds of 47 m.p.h. the hurricane center is sticking with it, it may intensify tomorrow across the gulf stream waters. the moisture from the south and north and east, there is a lot to watch closely. does not have the potential to turn into a huge storm, but it will be close enough to the
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coast because riptides and high wind. we will watch it. if it does anything, we will watch it. it does not seem to be a huge dome. let's go to the numbers on the maps, high of 90 degrees, cooling into the 70's. showers and storms overnight continue to drop the temperatures. we will see that stuff -- we will see nice stuff the next couple days, cooler air to the north. we are stuck with his own overhead that is supporting the cooler air from the hot and humid stuff. but at showers and thunderstorms. tomorrow night, especially, we could have heavy rain. with the cold front approaching, it squeezes together over the weekend, a very unsettled. showers and storms, varied weather. late that sunday, it all gets kicked out to sea and we will be sitting pretty next week with
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the fall weather and air. danny is not threatening, does not appear to be a hurricane threat. just messy weather at the beach. 78 late night, midday tomorrow, back to about 78. probably not much higher, showers and storms part of the forecast again on saturday. brian will have a fresh look at danny and the forecast at the beach tomorrow morning at 4:55. it is sad and happy at the same time. coming up, slipping and sliding for a world record.
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some studen in missouri tried to slip into the guinness book of world records. they want the longest slip and slide record. did not know there was such a record.
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in the end, the judge said the group came up short on the number of people and also on water. not much slipping going on there. ouch. for the first time in almost two years, michael vick was able to concentrate on football, back on the field and an nfl game tonight. we will have the highlights.
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there were only a handful of protesters and a smattering of boos for michael vick as he returned game action tonight. the eagles return him to throwing and he kept it simple against the jaguars, working on a shovel and swing passes. he made a short gain on a run. this was his first game action in almost two seasons. >> it was good to see michael get back and get some snaps in the offense. we were just trying to get his feet wet and get him used to the speed of the game, and we will continue to work with him. the redskins fans got to rub
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shoulders with the redskins players today at their annual luncheon in tysons. they mingled with their admirers. the main speaker today, jim zorn. he said bull is lofty, a trip to the super bowl. -- he said the goal is lofty, a trip to the super bowl. a m. the nfl is hard, everybody is going for the same thing. our players have dere and perseverance and they're committed to being excellent on the football field. we're just are not. >> we will be watching. washington nationals received bad news, the season is over for one of the team's spark plugs, morgan. the first inning, he is safe, but he breaks his hand on the base. ouch. the good news, the nationals had at the long ball working tonight. adam dunn, 34th of the season,
11:29 pm
beating the cubs. the orioles back home with a heartbreaker at camden yards. he isery big and strong. opposite field, the fly ball keeps flying. four-three, top of the ninth, a runner on. the pitch goes over the left- field fence. have you ever seen a thin so excited? -- have you ever seen a fan that so excited markakis strikes out with the tying run on third. turner field, bases loaded for chipper jones. tony quinn jr., shot out of a cannon. marvelous catch. -- tony gwynn jr.
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feel the love. liv superppdo ler 7 radar, showe anddo thunderstorms nto inue te annorth ued west. we have a break in the morning before afternoon rain. >> we hope clears for the redskins game. "9" is next. good night.
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